Nissan UCLF 2019 Hospitality pitch

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The Champions village space is located on site at the Stadium on the day of the UCLF, we were asked to design the look and feel of this space to entertain Nissan guests pre and post match.

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The Nissan HUB space is located in Madrid away from the Stadium and was designed to be the Nissan guests entertainment space before and post the UCLF, the space was designed to showcase all things Nissan from Intelligent Mobility to Nissan’s integration with football.

The space was to be two purpose, during the day to be a place to relax, eat and learn about NIM, in the evenings it will transform into a party space with DJ’s and Kientic light sculptures.



To go along with the space elements were designed to help aid the guests experience, from reception desks to lanyards and RFID bands.

Transportation options were also designed to help shuttle guests between their Hotel, the HUB and the Champions Village.

To help manage the guests experience apps were designed to allow the guests to see key information, event feeds and their itinerary.

A guest management system UX was also designed for guests and staff to log in to mange every aspect of their stay in Madrid.


This work was done in association with Sid Lee and Infrared Experience Marketing for a pitch for the 2019 Nissan UCLF.